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Corten Cladding

Project: DA Residence

Architect: Dedraft

Hortondesign: Design, fabrication and install of cladding

Location: Walthamstow, London

Dormer extension clad with Corten weathering steel.
Corten is a specially formulated weathering steel, which allows the naturally formed outer layer of rust to form a protective layer that prevents the underlying steel from rusting any further.
This was a great project yet challenging project to work on, as due to the complex design and geometry of this extension it quickly became clear that the standard means of fixing cladding panels would not work for this project.
After much research, testing and design work, we developed our own relatively simple yet effective cladding method which not only allowed us to eliminate all visible fixings but to also clad the structure and its complex shapes in an almost seamless manner, which on completion gave the Dormer the appearance of a unified whole.