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Smirnoff Cube – Inflate

Client: Inflate  for Smirnoff

Design: Inflate, John Horton, Webbyates




Smirnoff commissioned Inflate to design and build this portable bar/club, to enable the brand to promote its range of vodkas at various  music festivals. The 10x10x10m structure incorporated its own DJ booth, sound and lighting system and of course a very well stocked Vodka Bar.
Our task in the project was to design and manufacture a complementary framework which would structurally support and anchor this unique inflatable. Working in collaboration with the project’s engineers, designing the horizontal trussing and the angled vertical legs was a relatively straight forward process, however designing the corner nodes which connected these dissimilar elements proved to be more of a challenge. The corner nodes had to provide the geometrically difficult  3 way junction between a 4 legged angled vertical column and the two horizontal triangular trusses. After much experimentation, the solution was to fabricate a complex corner node consisting of some 9 individual laser cut profiles.